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My Mold Pro / Southern Healthy Homes specializes in indoor air quality, mold, and water damage. Below are our most requested services. If the service you are looking for isn't listed please call our office. 352-450-7450

Mold Assessment w.Samples

Inspection of the residence (or commercial property) for water and mold damage. Includes mold spore sampling (air or surface), photographs, and detailed documentation of our findings. SHHB utilizes infrared cameras, moisture meters, borescopes, and other specialty equipment to aid in discovery.

Mold Remediation Protocol

Inspection of the mold damaged and immediate surrounding areas. Written scope of work detailing the exact building materials that need to be removed due to the water/mold damage, what areas have been affected, what areas need to be contained, and other processes for the removal and cleanup of the affected mold damaged areas. - Includes a mold spore surface sample for mold spore verification.

Mold Assessment & Protocol

Includes both the Mold Assessment w.Samples and the Mold Remediation Protocol services, but all in one report, at a reduced price. Includes mold spore air and surface samples, basic cause and origin, and detailed photographic record. (This service is generally required by most insurance companies for mold damage claims.) 


SHHB utilizes infrared cameras, moisture meters, borescopes, and other specialty equipment to aid in discovery.

Home Buyer
or Seller
Mold Inspection

Inspection of the interior of the residence for water and mold damage or possible areas of concern. Inspection includes mold spore air samples to verify mold spore levels within the indoor air.

Post Remediation Inspection (Clearance Test)

Inspection of the mold remediated area(s) to verify that proper mold remediation techniques were conducted and that the work area(s) is free of mold contamination. Includes airborne mold spore samples for laboratory verification.


Mold Spore
Air or Surface Sampling

Concerned you may have an elevated level of mold spores within your residence, but see no signs of visible mold? Just curious of your air quality? - Do you have an area of suspected mold growth that you want to have tested for verification? - We can conduct air or surface sampling without an inspection of the property. 

Other Services
  • Infrared / Thermal inspections for hidden water leaks

  • Allergen Sampling

  • Odor Investigation

  • VOC Sampling (Volatile Organic Compounds) - Off gassing from recently installed carpet, cabinets, adhesives, cleaning supplies, etc.

  • Monitoring for Comfort Parameters within a workplace - Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, temperature, and relative humidity

  • Much More

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